Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Poem for Nick & Minnie

(#1, see here)

Five years ago, a whim, taking chances
Who knows what will happen?
We might walk the frozen streets of Tallinn
have cocktails in Nola, sing with the Indigo Girls
Drink Juttertje in Amsterdam, Tequila in Santa Fe.

Plans and dreams and planes will take us anywhere
and who we are with and who we love
and what we do -
it does not change a thing.

And now we are four, and can this get even better?
From sharing our thoughts and eating buffalo,
to being inspired, being brave, and going forward.

"I want you to try this!
We became obsessed with it!"

I will try anything, literally -
and just like rosé, we are only gone for the season.
What shall be next?

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